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You Have to Start Somewhere

Welcome to the brand spanking new Cyclelogue website! I've been wanting to get this thing up and running for quite some time now, and am just finally getting around to doing it. Having this done (or as done as it can be for now - it's a work in progress) certainly feels good. I figure now is as good a time as any to give a little background on how Cyclelogue came to be, so here goes!

In 2013 my wife and I started taking holiday with our bikes, and I always wanted a way to document the experience and capture the essence of the trip. I dabbled with photography for quite some time, but didn't have the eye. I tried writing, but didn't have the words. Plus, none of those two helped accomplish what I wanted, which as mentioned above is to capture the essence of what it's like to be on the trip. Video had always spoken to me, so in March 2016 I finally decided to start making my own.

It was then that Cyclelogue was born, and has turned into a platform for me to meet and talk to some amazing people doing amazing things on the bike. I'm not sure where this journey is taking me, but I am certainly enjoying the people I get to meet along the way.

Which brings me back to this website. As much as I would love to make a video every day, the plain fact is that I just do not have the time. Between a career, my own training, a wife, friends, and life in general, there are so many hours left in the day. With each video being a 4-6 hour commitment to shoot/edit/render/publish, I had to find another way to connect, hence the birth of

I can't make a video every day, but I can certainly post a thought or experience or two to Instagram, or write a quick blog post. My hope is that the website will be another avenue through which to share our cycling experiences.

Hey, thanks for reading, and I'll catch you in the next one!



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